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Free cooling by ExerGo

ExerGo harnesses renewable resources to provide natural and efficient free cooling

As heat waves are increasing each year due to climate change, so is the need for environmentally friendly cooling systems. How can we provide cooling services using less energy? With our efficient thermal networks, we can provide free cooling – a process using cold renewable resources to provide cooling directly to the users.

How does ExerGo’s free cooling work?

It’s simple. At ExerGo, we use low-temperature renewable resources, such as lakes, rivers, and air. The water or air passes the balancing plant where it cools down the CO2, which we use as a transfer fluid in a closed loop for optimised energy efficiency. Flowing through our small, flexible pipes to the customers’ substations, the CO2, in turn, cools down the water that flows into each building. Requiring neither cooling towers nor compressors, our solution is a natural, efficient, and easy-to-use cooling system for utilities, municipalities, and private companies without compromising the health of people and our planet.

Why CO2-based free cooling?

Compared to water-based networks our CO2-based network is up to nine times denser. This allows the use of smaller and flexible pipes, which, in turn, require smaller trenches and can cut up to 20% in CAPEX. With minimal roadwork, we also help reach our cities’ most densely populated urban areas and historical sites. Breaking down logistical and economical barriers, we make district heating and cooling possible everywhere.

Benefits of free cooling

Some benefits include:

  • Low electricity consumption of pumps thanks to the high energy density of CO2 compared to water
  • A natural, environmentally friendly option aligned with current and future climate policies
  • An all-in-one system, where users can benefit not only from cooling, but heating too

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