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Our Seven Sustainable Development Goals

Our Seven Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

At ExerGo, we are supporting all 17 SDGs, especially focusing on seven goals where we can make a significant impact.

We provide sustainable, affordable, and efficient energy networks, caring for the health people and the planet.
Powered by renewable resources and waste heat, our closed CO2 network is 100% sustainable and creates synergies between all users.
We optimize energy supply and demand, while reducing transport. Our smaller, flexible pipes can save up to 60% in installation time and cost compared to incumbent low temperature water-based systems.
We connect homes and buildings into our smart thermal grid. Leveraging renewable resources and waste heat, we can save up to 80% of cities' primary energy consumption compared to fossil-fuel based systems.
Our CO2 network improve energy efficiency and accelerates the energy transition, making sustainable energy affordable for all while creating green jobs.
We offer the most efficient heating and cooling system to decarbonize our cities and accelerate humanity’s race to net zero.
We know that no single company can do it alone. That’s why we engage with actors in the private and public sector on a local, national, and global level.