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ExerGo taps into the real estate ecosystem at RENT 2023

Last month, we presented our efficient district heating and cooling network at RENT – Switzerland’s largest real estate event – hosted by Real Estate Meetings.

At ExerGo, we were proud to join the RENT event together with 2,000+ professionals from 100+ companies at the SwissTech Convention Centre of EPFL in Lausanne, Switzerland, on March 29-30. With our successful running pilot installation, multiple projects underway with utilities and private companies, plus a recent 1M in additional funding, we are accelerating our commercialization by tapping into the burgeoning real estate ecosystem.

According to the World Economic Forum’s article ‘Why heat is a challenge in the fight against climate change, and what we can do about it’, heat comprises half of the world’s total energy consumption and more than 40% of the global energy-related carbon dioxide (CO₂) emissions. Partnering with real estate players is therefore a steppingstone on our mission towards decarbonising our cities. With our efficient heating and cooling network — powered by renewable resources and waste heat — we help our B2B customers transition from fossil-fuel based systems and save up to 80% in primary energy. Providing not only a network for heating, but cooling, too, we are optimizing energy efficiency and future-proofing the energy needs of our cities all-year-around.

During RENT’s three-day event, we met leading real estate companies, utilities, and construction companies within sustainability, such as EWZ, Romande Energie, Orllati, and Steiner, to discuss the future of our cities. 

At RENT, we are always on the lookout for cutting-edge solutions that can help us shape a better future. We are therefore proud to bring together cleantech companies such as ExerGo with large corporations to foster strategic partnerships and a more sustainable building sector.” 

Philippe Voland, Founder of REM, Real Estate Meeting and RENT SWITZERLAND, and Dorian Cleaver, Communications Lead, Privilège Events & Communication SA Tweet

Compatible with existing heating and cooling equipment, we offer our customers significant economic and sustainable gains — not only compared to fossil-fuel based systems, but also compared to water-based thermal energy networks. Using CO₂ instead of water as a transfer fluid in a closed loop our network is nine times denser and more energy efficient. This allows the use of smaller, flexible pipes with up to 60% savings in roadwork costs.

Vincent Ecker, Managing Director, Swiss Climate Foundation and partner of ExerGo:

We need innovative technologies to accelerate the decarbonization of our cities. ExerGo, supported by the Swiss Climate Foundation, develops an urgently needed solution to transfer heat and cold with efficient thermal networks for high-density urban areas.” 

The RENT event proved that energy remains a hot topic as companies and cities worldwide are raising their sustainability goals to limit global warming to 1.5°C according to the Paris agreement.  Supporting our customers throughout the entire value chain — from consulting and engineering to construction and procurement, and all the way to monitoring and maintenance – we offer them a clear-cut pathway to net zero.

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