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ExerGo is granted CHF 1.6 million from the Swiss Accelerator Innosuisse Programme

Yverdon-les-Bains – Switzerland – 02 May 2023 – District heating and cooling startup ExerGo announces today that it has successfully obtained a Swiss Accelerator grant of CHF 1.6 million from Innosuisse, the Swiss Innovation Agency. This competitive funding programme aims to accelerate the growth of SMEs and startups with an extraordinary innovation potential to help them commercialise new and innovative products and services, quickly and effectively.

Out of 752 applicants and three evaluation rounds, ExerGo’s application “Accelerated Energy Transition In Cities” is one of the 53 selected Swiss Accelerator projects supported by Innosuisse. The startup has shown the jury the outstanding potential of its compact and efficient thermal network solution along with a clear-cut market strategy.

“We deeply thank Innosuisse for this grant, which will enable us to accelerate our industrialization, IP creation, and commercialization in Switzerland and abroad. This result wouldn’t have been possible without my special team able to elaborate a strong proposal with key milestones. This will allow us to continue our progression towards international adoption of our unique technology in multiple applications.”

Powering the future, ExerGo’s network can help its B2B customers save up to 60% in roadwork and pipe infrastructure costs. Using CO2 as an energy transfer fluid in a closed loop, its thermal networks are up to nine times more compact versus conventional low-temperature water-based systems. ExerGo’s solution can also work in combination with larger networks, making it possible to reach customers in dense urban areas or to source large heat pumps with heat from the environment. Where space is too constrained for traditional thermal networks and continuing burning oil and gas would have been the only solution, ExerGo’s compact network can replace such systems, saving up to 80% in primary energy consumption.

With its competitive offer, the company teams up with energy players such as utilities, municipalities, real estate developers, and private companies that are looking for an efficient, affordable, and sustainable energy solution. Having secured multiple projects in the French-speaking part of Switzerland, ExerGo is now zeroing in on the Swiss-German market, where its launchpad will be the AEE Wärmekongress in Pratteln, Switzerland, at the end of the month.

About ExerGo 

ExerGo is a Swiss B2B cleantech startup committed to provide sustainable, affordable, and efficient energy services to cities and communities around the world. Harnessing renewable resources and waste heat, we use CO₂ as a dense, low-temperature fluid creating sustainable energy networks with significantly increased efficiency compared to traditional fossil-fuel and water-based systems.

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