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Solar Impulse Efficient Solution Label for ExerGo’s CO2 networks

On March 2024, ExerGo’s solution was awarded the Solar Impulse Efficient Solution Label

Using natural resources such as lakes, rivers, oceans, geothermal energy or waste heat, ExerGo’s thermal networks efficiently distribute energy using CO₂ in a closed loop.

The excellent energy-carrying capabilities of CO₂ allow a thermal network to be deployed in a densely populated area using small flexible pipes. This helps to save high costs and time for construction and piping, enabling utilities, municipalities, private and public companies to accelerate the decarbonization of building heating and cooling in dense urban areas, where a CO₂ network can act as a smart thermal grid, optimizing supply and demand between users all year round.

Compatible with standard HVAC systems and heat harvesting technologies, ExerGo networks are suitable for various residential, commercial and industrial applications.

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